It hasn’t stopped rocking and rolling around here. School just got out, schedules are in transition, my husband is in full rehearsal mode with the band getting back together (oh Lord, did I just admit that is really happening?) and I just got back to town after an amazingly inspiring trip to Seattle for BlogHer Food. I did my fare share of blogger-stalking, business card exchanges and tweeting #overkill and met many of my fave bloggers and even more new faces I am so stoked to now/soon be following. And yes my pants are fitting a bit tighter. Damn Seattle has some good eats! I’ll be doing a blog biz wrap up later this week and can’t wait to share the highlights. And BTW Austin, watch out ’cause this bloggo bunch is headed your way next year. Before I left for Seattle I was crazy busy with deadlines, all of that said above and most importantly our Smudge’s 8th birthday. I’m still not sure if my post-party hangover is from the night of 8 year olds who don’t know any other speed than full throttle or food bloggers who pretty much do the same. Either way, they both created new inspirations for me. Like this ooey gooey concoction that thanks to requests at our house for more combinations of chocolate and banana, has yet to fade from the peanut gallery. I blame it all on my favorite Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, a recipe that quickly crowned me “the best cook of all the moms,” an invisible badge that I secretly—but oh so proudly—display.

Para la fiesta de cumpleaños, mi título se puso a prueba. La fiesta de pijamas con ocho amigas de Smudge significaba que la mañana llegaría temprano, lo que crearía un zumbido en la casa con chicas hambrientas que estaban peligrosamente bajas de azúcar en la sangre después de la juerga de toda la noche anterior.

And if you’re a mom, you conozca the mere thought of the clamor that was about to begin was ample motivation to create an easy, no-fuss breakfast. Hey, I might even get a few extra minutes of shut-eye before the next torrent of girl-frenzy began. (Revelación: no lo hice, gracias). I considered pulling out my favorite stand-by Ham and Cheese Breakfast Souffle but quickly realized this meal called for an extra dose of sugary sweetness. I’ve made baked french toast plenty of times, but this time decided to continue the banana/chocolate chip theme with a riff on my daughter’s newest obsession of pancakes studded with said ingredients. As I was pulling the dish together I started daydreaming of fruit crumbles (mind wandering: is it age or adult onset ADD?) so impulsively mixed a little oatmeal, butter and brown sugar together for a streusel topper. It was just the texture balance the custardy dish needed.

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1. Use store-bought cinnamon swirl bread to add an extra layer of flavor. Bonus: The bread I used had a sugary topping that simply added to the sweetness of the dish. 2. No need to break up the bread into pieces, go ahead and layer the slices whole with crusty bottoms of slices alternately stack with the golden top crusts. 3. I use a deep-dish lasagna pan so I can use 4 layers of bread 4. Like banana bread, go ahead and use those almost too ripe bananas to enhance the banana flavor 5. Prepare the night before, but remember to pull from the fridge a half hour to bring to room temperature before going into the oven Si haces esta receta, ¡házmelo saber! Deja una calificación ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ en esta receta abajo y deja un comentario, toma una foto y tag me on InstagramHam and Cheese Breakfast Souffle Dutch Babies Ham and Cheese Egg CupsSalmon and Egg Bagel BenedictGrandma’s Scrambled Eggs

Torrijas al horno con plátano y pepitas de chocolate y crumble de avena
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Torrijas al horno con plátano y pepitas de chocolate y crumble de avena


  • ½ taza de mantequilla (, a temperatura ambiente)
  • ¼ taza de mantequilla (derretida y fría, más 1 cucharada para engrasar el molde)
  • 3 tazas de leche entera
  • 2 rebanadas de pan de molde con canela (unas 24 rebanadas)
  • 2 plátanos maduros (, en rodajas)
  • ½ taza de azúcar moreno
  • 1 cucharada de vainilla
  • 8 huevos
  • ½ taza de avena
  • 1 ½ tazas de pepitas de chocolate semidulce


  • Engrase generosamente una cazuela honda de 9 X 13 pulgadas con 1 cucharada de mantequilla. Coloque una capa de rebanadas de pan alternando la dirección de las cortezas inferior y superior hacia el exterior de la cacerola. Añada una capa de plátanos y pepitas de chocolate. Repetir 2 veces más y terminar con una capa de pan.
  • En un bol grande, bata los huevos, la leche, la mantequilla y la vainilla. Verter lentamente sobre las capas de pan asegurándose de cubrirlas uniformemente.
  • En un bol pequeño, mezclar los copos de avena, la mantequilla y el azúcar moreno con los dedos. Cubra la cazuela con los grumos de avena. Envuélvalo bien con papel de plástico y refrigérelo toda la noche.
  • Para hornear, precaliente el horno a 350°F. Saque la cazuela del frigorífico y llévela a temperatura ambiente, aproximadamente media hora. Hornee sin tapar durante 35-45 minutos o hasta que los bordes estén burbujeantes y la parte superior dorada. Retire, deje reposar 5 minutos y sirva. ofrece la información nutricional de las recetas como cortesía y es sólo una estimación. Esta información proviene de calculadoras en línea. Aunque hace todo lo posible para proporcionar información precisa, estas cifras son sólo estimaciones.

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